Table of Contents

Blueberry Wine by Abbey Behan

Circles by Marcia Aldrich (2003)

Marty And Ann by Mimi Brodsky (1971)

Pale Moon by David Sapp (2008)

Killing Two Birds by Peter W. Fong (1990)

Real Things Men on Tinder Have Told Me Behind the Protection of Their Computer Screens that Made Me Feel Cheap by Amber Salik (2018) by Martin Galvin (2007)

The Goldilocks Syndrome by Peter A. Christensen (1989)

For Three Dead Astronauts by Peter Fiore (1968)

Chick Sexing School, or How Our Dead Grandfather Summoned Us to Japan by Kyoko Yoshida (2000-01)

Excavation by Lowell Jaeger (2009)

Phalaenopsis by Josefina Diaz (2000-01)

My Father’s Voice by Sarah Sword (1999)

From the Crooked Timber by Okla Elliott (2008)

Susan’s Week by Cezarija Abartis (1996–97)

Hawks by Laura Albretch (1996-97)

Seven Views of a Circle by Barbara Van Noord (2003)

The Man Who Made Teeth by Maria Bruno (1988)

Sea Level by Gerry LaFemina (1995)

[Untitled] by Martha Aldenbrand (1966)

Sonnet I by Joseph D. Lockwood (1964)

The Refugee by Philip Russell (2000)

A Poem, or Something by Jim Cash (1965)

Catch-22 (The Poem) by Nyeree Boydajian (2018)

Cold by Josh Hall (2004)

Sleep for C. G. Jung by John F. O’Brien (1974)

Poem On Two Paintings of Van Gogh by John Thompson (1964)

Spaceman by Kit Haggard (2014)

Poem for the Mad Letter Writer Not With Me, Who May Not Even Be by Lyn Lifshin (1964)