Christine MacKenzie

is it normal for her to lean her head on the train window see wild brown grasses rapid blown in a field rapid shifts to woods streets towns is it normal to have moments when time roars like white rapids that sweep bodies down to the rocks is it normal to burrow into his arms to find a calm place to rest for a moment hand in hand eye to eye is it normal to blink all time has passed into the shade blink the sky outside is white farmhouses crumpled hands folded into each other is it normal to turn back blink lips on hers hands in hers body on hers each moment to the next moment to the next moment with him is it normal for the sky to fluster a thousand colors for the birds to arrive the next moment until they blurred shaded drained into puddles is it normal

Christine A. MacKenzie studied at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor with majors in English, creative writing, and psychology. She is a crisis counselor and facilitates a mental health support group. In the future, she aspires to publish her poetry books and become a psychotherapist.