Amber Williams

You get such a bad 

Reputation my green goddess. 

And for that, I apologize 

On behalf of our  

Hypocritical world. 


We made you. 

Spread your seeds  

Over our gardens as ornament. 

And then we abandoned 

You when you became too 

Much to handle. 


I know the feeling my dear. 


Now we watch as you 

Take over and scowl 

At the houses you envelop 

And the posts you climb. 


You tower over 

Us now, and we complain, 

But you were never meant  

To be kept in a packet –  

To be concealed to just one garden. 


We will keep fighting you, 

Keep trying to cut you down 

For our own good –  

Not yours. 


I won’t blame 

You if you keep going, 



Please tell the stars hello 

From me if you ever reach them. 

Amber Williams is a junior at Virginia Tech majoring in sports media and analytics with a minor in creative writing. She enjoys all forms of writing and is a sports editor with her college’s newspaper, the Collegiate Times. She also works as a production assistant with the ACC network. In her free time Amber enjoys writing and reading poetry, photography, painting, and watching hockey.