Take Care

Taylor Kaigler

You walked into my life like a butterfly. You had no specific direction, you just needed a shoulder to cry on. It didn’t take long to see the ocean in your brown eyes. I told you, 

When no one else is present 

And the blues is missing an instrument 

Know that; 

I’m here for you, I support you, and I love you 

They say it’s selfish, but I’ll be here when you need me and even when you don’t 

Can I guide you through the heat? 

Wrap you up in a warm blanket and teach you how to breathe 

When your face is puffy and your voice is squeaky from the sobs,  

I’ll feed you word for thought 

You’ll get through this 

All you have to do is look and see 

See the things that once were a daydream 

There will be happy rain 

I promise to let your heart feel lighter days  

No heavy trumpets 

Just flutes 

You never tell me you need me, so every day I offer 

I want to be of use to you 

The faucet you turn on to cleanse the wounds  

Bandaging all the pain 

I believe in you 

I’m here to encourage growth 

Style your mind with pretty butterflies  

Blue grass and green skies 

I want to show you more 

I sang to you every night and pulled at your limbs in the morning to start your day. I promised to take care of you just as I hummed the night before. I carried the weight of “Take Care of You” by Charlotte Day and Syd whenever you began to space out. It kept you present. It kept you here with me. You never said you needed me, but I feared for you. I prayed for the day you could sleep peacefully and wake up on the right side of the bed. 

Taylor Kaigler was born/raised in Detroit, Michigan. There is where her fear but also curiosity of the world flourished. Growing up she felt as though her voice was too low to ever make it to another & in some ways, she was okay with that, because she became accustomed to the silence. Writing letters seemed to be the only way she could get people to pause for a moment in time to hear her out, understand her purpose, & reply to her in full sentences. Her preoccupations while shifting through life have consisted of love, spirituality, music, & connections. She finds comfort in the unknown sceneries of the world & enjoying all that this world has to offer.