two sides of the same coin


if you can hear my voice,

or sense my presence,

then you have entered a world

of stories yet unpleasant

do not bother turning left,

do not bother turning right.

your eyes will only fail to catch me —

for I’m Coy the fairy, leaver of no arresting sight

your futile thinking

has led you to a dateless maze;

you do not know if true love is worth

setting your rightful spirit ablaze

so let me tell you

of Anny and Bill,

two cottage peasants who lived

as earnest as can be, up the western hill

freshly married,

couldn’t part from one another.

they shared the bed, the space, the clothes — 

even features of each other

Bill stole Anny’s laugh — 

she did the same with his walk.

they even started to look the same

and the townsfolk couldn’t help but gawk

but the couple refused to listen

to the commoners concerns

they were so obsessed and devoted

to the point of no return

you see they’d heard of a witch

yes, a witch on the eastern hill

they said she was not evil or unkind

she even granted wishes to the blind

they decided to pay her a visit,

and ride their donkey under the tropic sun.

when they arrived and entered her house, they plead — 

oh witch,  please make us unite us as one.

the witch refused;

called them a couple of fools.

“you two are not in need of help

but stupidly blind. 

love is about finding your right-hand ally in the chaos of this raging world

love is far from being forever intertwined”

yet the couple did not listen.

they threw a fit and called the witch an old hag.

she raved back and yelled “enough!”

to cast a spell and end their shameful nags


the two lovers were no more

there on the floor

where their shoes used to stand

laid a silver coin

Bill was the head — 

Anny, the tails.

the witch mumbled

“let’s see your true colors unveil

now that you are one and the same

two sides of the same coin. 

two lovers, who shall never rejoin.” 

b.i.w. is the pin-name of an upcoming online poet/writer. Sole founder and creator of the Instagram page @beauty_in_words._ where she built up her following, her content varies from both short and long poems in both modern and traditional style illustrated by other artists on the platform. Her poems have been published in several print and online publications, including witchesnpink, Dizzie magazine, Twist in Time literary Mag, and spoken word scratch night.