Issue 57 

Embrace. What does this word mean to you? For us, it means everything. This was our first semester back in person learning at Michigan State University, and although it was exciting, maybe even a little bit intimidating, we had to learn to embrace the unknown with wide accepting arms and the journey for us was nothing less than fulfilling. From knowing little about what a literary magazine entails to now having a complete publication in the span of four months goes to show the resilience of the community in which we worked and from which we gained submissions.

Unlike last year’s publication, this publication was done in a hybrid format. At the beginning of the year we were online for the first three weeks and following that period in person learning was the standard with a Zoom format being optional. This presented us with new challenges that we embraced head-on in order to complete acquisitions work, editorial work, publication work, as well as the marketing work. As a class of undergraduate students passionate about the world of literature, we worked relentlessly to ensure this publication was nothing short of unique and filled with incredible work submitted by fellow undergraduates across the country. We were lucky enough to receive a wide range of submissions, each of them unique. This year, we welcomed all sorts of material, ranging from #MeToo accounts to expressions of the trauma of eating disorders; some of these works may be triggering, but we believe they are also important voices to bring to the conversation. I am incredibly proud of the work that was done this year from all of the talented people working inside and outside of the journal.

The production of the 57th issue of the Red Cedar Review would not be possible without the editorial staff, the dedication of Professor Milberger’s class to read, edit, produce and market these pieces, the entire staff of the Red Cedar Review, and the voracious writers and artists that submitted their work.

We’re looking forward to embracing this new world with you all. We wholeheartedly appreciate your interest in Volume 57 of the Red Cedar Review and hope that you enjoy the art, poetry, and prose as much as we did.


Caila Coleman

Assistant editor

Table of Contents

  1. On Representation by Fletcher Kirkwood
  2. The Big Crash by Marena Benoit
  3. Ears and Eyes by Orion Emerick
  4. I WANT TO KISS by Jordyn Damato
  5. Something is Happening by Marina Benoit
  6. Sappho’s Poems by Aviana Irrer
  7. Unapologetic Verse by Anna Kushner
  8. A Hard Time Dying by Colin Brophy
  9. Long Distance Pantoum by Anastasia Simms
  10. Take Care by Taylor Kaigler
  11. Overweight by Anastasia Simms
  12. Not married, Willing to be by Aviana Irrer
  13. What Do I want? by Anastasia Simms
  14. Free by Amber Williams
  15. College Covid Life by Cassandra Briseno
  16. Corn Bread by Amber Williams
  17. Maya’s Timeline by Sydney Savage
  18. Kudzu by Amber Williams
  19. Lumbricus Terrestris by Max Gillette
  20. Sexual Harrassment by Anastasia Simms
  21. Next Time by Aviana Irrer
  22. Moonlight by Aagosh Chaudhary
  23. Holland by Aagosh Chaudhary
  24. Name the Elephant by Anastasia Simms
  25. Frendship On the Rocks by Aviana Irrer
  26. Those Who Broke Me by Anna Kushner
  27. My Storu, My Lips by Diana Dalski
  28. Flowering by Renaye Greenwood
  29. A Father’s Voice by Marina Benoit
  30. Unorthodox by Fletcher Kirkwood
  31. Shotgun Wedding by Max Gillette
  32. two sides of the same coin by b.i.w.
  33. Elegy for 8251 Short Cut Rd by Jordyn Damato
  34. The smell of sweet potatoes by b.i.w.
  35. I Want by Max Gillette
  36. I don’t want your future mother by b.i.w.
  37. Intention by Micheal Turle
  38. Collage of a lost passion by Adreinne Willis
  40. The First Nutritionist by Julia Rudlaff
  41. To Twenty-Twenty and Beyond by Aviana Irrer