Quarantine Capitalism

Elysia Baskins


I’m what they call

a sellout, a poster

child for being a


Imposter syndrome the

size of a brick house

and my pride: a house

made of sticks

Say it, bitch, say it! I’m a

cocksucker for the corporate

conglomerate, a sheep in

wolf’s clothing, a slave to the

capitalist regime

And you want it! You

like it that way, don’t


Don’t read me the riot act!

Don’t huff and puff and

blow away my straw man


Between four and six a.m.

I own the world but the

other 22 hours it owns


If you’ve asked yourself:

What is the value of a human soul?

As it turns out

$15/hr, plus hazard pay



Elysia Baskins is a Queer Philly author of both adult and children’s short stories, as well as poetry—usually with a wicked twist. Her work has been published in Philadelphia’s local lit mag, Apiary, as well as the Pennsylvania Gazette and Penn’s feminist magazine The F-Word. When not writing, she enjoys sweets, stickerbooking, walking her dog, and playing Minecraft.