Today Has Been an Era

Isabella Durgin

I don’t know how to feel

When there is pain

In the streets that

has built up Like the

oil on roads and

now (for us)

The rain has come,

When the indefatigable dark

Cannot permeate our house,

When my dinner table melts away

Into stolen sand,

When my ears ring from the blood–

Theirs, not ours–that spills Out of

all mouths.

We are complacent as the world burns

Because it is we who threw the torch.


Isabella Durgin is a 19 year-old writer from Mississippi who has received statewide and national recognition for her creative pieces. She currently attends the University of California, Los Angeles where she is pursuing an English degree to explore her passion for the written word. Isabella writes for the Arts and Entertainment section of the Daily Bruin, UCLA’s student newspaper, and her ultimate goal in life is to own an independent bookstore.