Save Me With Your Affection

Anastasia Simms


Hold me until I forget

that I’m now old enough

to understand the movies

I watched too young.

Stroke my hair until

you’ve wiped away

the last traces of the world

from my mind.

Kiss my forehead

until your lips

have drawn from me

all that I feel is evidence

that I will never be enough.

Place my head in your lap

until I feel like I can reclaim my sexuality,

without fear.

Fill my nose with your scent

until I can breathe easy

without worries for the future

catching in my throat.

Sing to me until

the rumbling in your chest

has shaken loose the last

of the bad memories.

And as they fall away,

fall asleep with me.

Give me one night of peace,

for it is in your arms

that the pieces of me seem to sit, peacefully.

Make me whole for one night’s sleep.

I will wipe my own tears again in the morning.

Anastasia Simms is a second-year honors student at Kent State University studying English, Psychology, and Creative Writing. She has loved reading and writing her whole life, so much so that as a young girl her mom gave her notebooks as presents to stop her from writing on napkins, the mail, or whatever other scraps of paper she could find. Anastasia hopes that her writing will positively impact others just as the written word has always done for her.