Your Hand

Anastasia Simms

Running through my hair

Soft gentle safe

Pulling my head back

Hard, it hurts

Against my cheek

Soft gentle safe

Smacks me again

Hard, it’s red

Tracing down my face

Soft gentle safe

Wrapped around my neck

Hard, air stops

Brushes away my tears…


How can I cry over your hand

as I cry into it?

How can the same hand

bring me joy and pain?

How can you tell me this is love?


If they knew,

they would ask:

How can I stay?


How can I leave?


… you’re holding my hand.


Anastasia Simms is a second-year honors student at Kent State University studying English, Psychology, and Creative Writing. She has loved reading and writing her whole life, so much so that as a young girl her mom gave her notebooks as presents to stop her from writing on napkins, the mail, or whatever other scraps of paper she could find. Anastasia hopes that her writing will positively impact others just as the written word has always done for her.