Did You Know

Violet Mitchell

push pins perform somersaults/we decided not to go because of the rain/October is scary because we used to wonder what we would eat during winter hibernation/I am the scientist & the experiment/arthritis either smells like clementines or model train paint/artists are humans who draft/porter stout pumpkin sprinkle hops vine = masculine beer/we watch the misspellings grow/if you were here I’d probably overwater you/drag queen bingo was canceled last week/the president said that all my friends are illegal, again/I want to watch you meditate/my best advice is to arrive a month early to your appointments/I’m smiling for you no matter how many eyes I have



Violet Mitchell is a Denver-based writer and artist. She earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in cognitive literary studies and is completing an MFA degree in creative writing, both from Regis University. Her work has been published in Heavy Feather Review, The Blue Route, Sixfold, Word for/ Word, ANGLES, Furrow, and several other journals. She received the Robert A. O’Sullivan, S.J. Memorial Award for Excellence in Writing in 2019.