I’ll Play John

Corinne Davenport

Three detonators

in a block of C4

is how I convince myself

that my weakness is synonymous with danger.


Ram me between

a 90s monitor and

a swivel chair,

I’ll float down that elevator shaft

like a feather sighing.


My smile is replaced with dominoes,

I eat sandwiches made of falling pianos,

I’m always hungry for broken cords.

Only vocal.


I think I keep hurting.

My feet wrapped in my once white tee shirt,

dancing on glass windows (with glass feet)

trying to find a way back inward.


I sing with my back to the choir,

my fists–mistaken for lungs–are not bombs.

Clenched hands can’t pull clips.

Corinne Davenport is an Eastern Michigan University student studying written communications and creative writing. Loving words from a young age, she told the entire fourth-grade student body during an assembly that she was going to be a writer. Corinne loves to experiment with poetry and prose and parataxis, often mixing the three. For the future, she would like to continue on to have entire collections of work published, sharing what she truly loves to do.