IV Trip

Razeen Ahmed

I thought I saw a shooting star only to see it was a bug illuminated by the lights of 7/11,

And I thought I met God—

Until he asked to crash on my couch and I left him on read and

I still feel guilty about it.

I use glasses, can’t see without them.

One time they got lost in the middle of a garage rock mosh—                                                         

Fell off my face

On the ground for so long, my heart started to hurt.

If before my eyes it’s just a blur, how do I know I’m on the right track?

And yet, amidst the twenty hundred stamps of the stampede of Vampire Weekend fans,

They survived without a crack—

Against all odds of universal entropy, how insane is that?

Something went right for me

For once

And I still think about the seconds of that night,

During the waking hours of my current ones

Thinking how absurd the world works

As I overflow spontaneously like Wordsworth

A thousand pictures in my words, worth a million dollars each.

Silver tongued, I’m still a Star-Bellied Sneetch

As I identify the things that sucked the life out of me

I rip off the leech,

But I forgive the disease.

It knows no better it only knows how to be

And so I simply say, “I can’t judge thee.”


Razeen Ahmed is a second-year student at the University of California Santa Barbara. He is currently working on his coming-of-age novel, which is based on journal entries from the middle of high school through the end of college. He hopes that others find his writings relatable and can learn from his experiences