one wednesday, over whatsapp, my ex calls me a heartless asshole

Emily Rose Miller

i see the notification on my phone screen

and i move to it like a sunflower facing the sun.

nausea churns storms in my stomach

at the thought of what she might say now,

even though i have only withdrawn

to protect myself. i grasp hope as tightly

as a child holds a dandelion, and lose it

just as swiftly as the wind blows its feathery seeds.

her words suck all energy

from me. i wilt. the leaves of my body

droop down, withering. the waxy petals

of my mind turn frail and brown

like the paper bags that held our lunch

as we walked down a wide london street

on an august day when i was naïve

enough to believe she would

fight for me and i would

be sturdy enough to support her.


Emily Miller is currently an undergraduate senior at Saint Leo University in St. Leo, Florida, where she is studying English with a specialization in creative writing. Her work has been published in The Dandelion Review, Sand Hill Review, and is forthcoming in The Dollhouse and Inklette. When not writing, she can be found cuddling with her five cats and/or devouring frozen pizza. Connect with her on Instagram @actualprincessemily.