Friendship On the Rocks

Aviana Irrer 


As swelling tides romp roughly against the harbor  

Breaks, my heart falls as your words send a  

Cold judgment to break the harbor. Looking  

Down in misplaced shame, I can’t bear to meet your  

Eyes. With both your bodies so steely in resolve, all  

Familiarities begin to shimmer and fade, while  

Growing in its place, a restless resentment reflects 

How stormy seas pass relentless judgment.  


I can’t understand how the three of us got here. Who allowed you to act 

Judge, jury, and executioner? If I had  

Known you had this planned, would I have  

Left within the first moment? Would I have  

         Made a scene? Balled my fists and yelled and screamed? 

                No, I think better yet, I’m better  

                   Off with specific candor, so smooth it mirrors west 

                   Pacific water. More  

Questions crash and break my brain, as 

Reality continues to shift again, with 

Swelling tides so strong they break more than just the harbor, I  

Think and begin to wonder, how could I have known within 

Us, you two harbored swelling breaks? That in matters pertaining to this 

Very relation, you both 

Would be so quick to jump ship? At least now I can 

X you out and choose to walk away. Hating that

You both feel as if you’re the winners of this

Zero sum game.  

Aviana Irrer is currently a sophomore at MSU in the Residential College of Arts and Humanities. An artist before anything else, she is always looking for new ways to convey what cannot be spoken in order to connect with people. As a fulltime student and part-time Starbucks barista living through several “unprecedented times,” art has allowed her a place where she can vent her “unprecedented whines” so to say in the hopes of showing that no one is ever truly alone.