On Representation

Fletcher Kirkwood

and time and time again, i go hungry 

i find myself begging for scraps that never fall from the plate. 

never have i known a full stomach, 

only poisoned crumbs left as bait for a desperate mouse 

who falls for it every time. 

i am aware it is to sate my appetite, 

so that i can say i have eaten, and will never whine again. 

but bits and pieces will never fill me, 

and again, i go hungry. 


Fletcher Kirkwood is a butch lesbian, Detroit-area local, and current Michigan State undergraduate in geology, with aspirations in paleontology. This is his first literature publication (and with any luck, not the last). When not voluntarily selling their soul to the Natural Sciences department, Fletcher enjoys amateur photography, music, and general tomfoolery with the loveable bunch of goofballs they call their friends.