Sexual Harassment

Anastasia Simms

Yeah I’ve dealt with it.

Pretty much everyone has, right?

But at least no one ever ripped my clothes off.

Growing up that made me

one of the lucky ones.

They say that’s wrong now.

They say I am allowed to be hurt.

But doesn’t it make me lucky?

Sure, I’ve had a nightmare or two;

but I only ever woke up sweating.

I never screamed like the girls

who’ve had insomnia

forced onto them.

I never screamed like the people at parties

who ignored the bad booze,

the back doors,

and the blood in the bathroom.

I never even screamed like the actresses

they put on TV

that get flustered in scary situations

and make everyone confuse sex and fear.

All under the guise of a half-baked plot

meant to entice us and spike some ratings

because apparently someone decided

this shit is thrilling.

I never screamed.

And you—

You never said anything at all.

Anastasia Simms (she/her) is a third-year honors student at Kent State University studying English, psychology, and creative writing. She works at the KSU Writing Commons, the Wick Poetry Center, Brainchild Magazine, and New American Press. Her work is published by or forthcoming in Red Cedar Review, an anthology by Lit Cleveland, and Outrageous Fortune Magazine. Anastasia hopes that her writing will positively impact others just as the written word has always done for her.