Unapologetic Verse

Anna Kushner 

I write for an unknown mind that is kindred to my own

For the pained consciousness who parallels my niche experiences

I apologize on behalf of the worlds tragic treatment of your soul

Fear rears its ghastly stingers piercing fate with the force of an industrial sewing machine


I write to the boy whose eyes locked with mine as I turned the corner

You knew it was me from the passport stamped Hyundai

I you by the evergreen parka. I’d recognize your stride anywhere

An epilogue to a story my mind refuses to believe has ceased


I write so our memories feel tangible once again

living through the many eyes I’ve borne out of tragedy

if only there was a way to reverse without regret

time is cruel, unforgiving, and inimical; the antimatter of my nature


I write because you consume my existence

My consciousness is rooted in the contours of sound emitted in your voice

By continuing to write about you I’m bound to run out of thoughts

Only then will you once again be a stranger 

Anna Kushner is from Kalamazoo, Michigan. She is currently a senior at Michigan State University studying international relations and public relations. She writes to express the things in life that often go unsaid.