The F Word

Amber Williams

Walking in that garden,

The one filled with sunflowers

And other colorful blooms I cannot name,

I am reminded that it’s okay to be


As the lavender drops of rain

Fall on my lace skirt and 

Cloud soaked skin,

I am reminded of the fragility of myself.

I too could fall like the heavenly drops.

It’s there.

Hidden under layers of the masks

I use for the characters I have to play,

It’s still there.

I could crumble like a chrysanthemum. 

If the wind blew too strong

I would join the other dandelion seeds.

At this realization,

I am angry at my weakness,

At my humanity.

Then I remember,

It’s human to

feel, to grieve, to

be Fragile.

Humans are simply

Glass brought to life

By the twinkle of the sunlight.

Breaking is always a possibility.


Amber Williams is a sophomore at Virginia Tech majoring in Sports Media and Analytics with a minor in creative writing. She is the current assistant sports editor for her college’s publication, The Collegiate Times, and a production assistant with the ACC network. When not covering Hokie sports she enjoys photography, watching hockey, painting, playing with her cat and listening to Ed Sheeran. Amber is passionate about storytelling in all forms, but poetry is her favorite artistic outlet.