Ellie Wilkie


i like old places

forgotten places

where grass grows high

and creatures lurk



places just mine

i like secrets

cradled in wood

kept secrets but for me

ancient houses

with dusted books

all about on the floor

big empty spaces

with room to run

i like stones amassed together by hand

hands that live on in my head

and heads that live on through their words 

i like the feeling of being someplace where i’m inconsequential

surrounded by something greater


a story

i like the way moonlight looks on old roads

or the way sunlight looks on fallen boards

painting pictures that change every day


i like old things

i like you the same way.


Ellie Wilkie is a writer studying English and political science at The University of Virginia. Her poetry and prose has been published in Winged Nation, The Karaux, and The Blue Review. She has written scripts for TOB Comedy Troupe and Voices of Now, Arena Stage Mead Ensemble. She enjoys satire, snark, allegory, and work that is written to be shared aloud.