i am not the moon, nor a star

Kaitlyn Von Behren


in response to W. H. Auden’s “I Am Not A Camera”


a girl with the sun’s rays

hidden in her hair

whispers to me a secret,


and i wish

i was the moon,

reflecting light


back to her. instead,

i am a black hole,

collapsing matter, eating light.


saturn’s rings rest

on her fingers,

and she giggles,


her grin veiled

as if by a spread of cards

(the sun and moon), 


and i wish

i was a star,

luminous and warm.



Kaitlyn Von Behren is a nineteen-year-old poet currently studying English at Ripon College. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in the Oakland Arts Review, Canvas, and Wisconsin’s Best Emerging Poets 2019. Her poems have also been honored by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and Button Poetry.