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A Brief History & Review of Margaret Atwood

Providing a brief chronological history and review of three Margaret Atwood’s poetry collections, Kseniya Lukiy discusses Atwood’s progression as well as her most recent 2020 release.

The Connection Between Language and Power

Introducing a theory that relates to language, power, and the origin of writing, Kseniya Lukiy recalls a distant memory of her childhood she never understood why she remembered.

A Discussion on Writer’s Block

Dismantling the concept of writer’s block before offering personal advice and techniques on how to combat it, Kseniya Lukiy discusses the frustrating phenomenon amongst writers and how to prevent it.

The Value of Social Media for Bookish People

Discussing the relationship between a writer and their work during the age of social media, Sylvia Hodges explains the merits of “bookstagram” as well as her personal anecdotal experiences.

Education and the Western Canon

As probing as it is academic, Jacob Largen’s essay on the academic merit of canon literature vis-à-vis contemporary writing claws at the fabric of classical English education.