Shelby Weisburg

after Lucinda Parker

iron mountains

delay the oncoming studebaker

clouds pink as the sun, bright

against the sea-mist sky.

pat the rolls, pat the rocks,

waft your hand through heavens.

there the clouds,

there the mountains

                        approaching collision.


we cannot follow the clouds where they want to go.


(down in the foothills a girl dances

for rain to kiss the papery grass.

her mother scratches her arms

and waits for some sort of shunt.


the strings of drought

reverberate for the tambourining

fingers of rain

pebbling over bluffs,

the land a raspy soloist

twiddling for the clashing chorus

of more-than clouds

arriving late in a studebaker.)


instead, there they are,

halted by our pregiven classifications.



Shelby Weisburg is currently a third-year student at Willamette University, where she is majoring in English with a focus in creative writing and expects to graduate in May 2020. She has been previously published in Oakland Arts Review, Cornell’s Rainy Day, FLARE: The Flagler Review, and Blacklist Journal. When she’s not writing, she works in the Oregon State Legislature, watches re-runs of SNL, and enjoys bouldering. She calls Colorado home.