Corn bread

Amber Williams

That sticky, crumbly, sweet bread 

Is synonymous with  

Sundays on Pine Ridge. 


Boxes of uncooked mix 

Hidden high in shelves 

Where little hands can’t reach. 


Cupcake liners make 

Perfect beds for the mixture 

To lay in while the oven 

Does the magic. 


Dough covers my homemade dress 

And the counters, 

But we only care 

About that savory, 

Long-awaited bite. 


The mess can wait. 


Amber Williams is a junior at Virginia Tech majoring in sports media and analytics with a minor in creative writing. She enjoys all forms of writing and is a sports editor with her college’s newspaper, the Collegiate Times. She also works as a production assistant with the ACC network. In her free time Amber enjoys writing and reading poetry, photography, painting, and watching hockey.