To Twenty-Twenty and Beyond

Aviana Irrer

So much visible to the naked eye, I  

don’t feel the moniker  

fits. Rather, the world feels so full; 

a closet I can’t help but match and mix.  


Dressed head to toe in clothing,  

so different from the rest, we 

stand and gather our voices here  

to march up stony democratic steps.  


Because you see, a virus has 

invaded our bones. So much so 

she’s rendered lady liberty 

to a full time nursing home. 


Unfortunately, this virus  

Is more than just the flesh. 

It’s woven into all of us, 

And it’ll take our all, 

 Before it can unmesh. 


You see, fixing our nation 

requires the most delicate hands, 

and who can begin to reconcile 

differing histories so grand? 

Aviana Irrer is currently a sophomore at MSU in the Residential College of Arts and Humanities. An artist before anything else, she is always looking for new ways to convey what cannot be spoken in order to connect with people. As a fulltime student and part-time Starbucks barista living through several “unprecedented times,” art has allowed her a place where she can vent her “unprecedented whines” so to say in the hopes of showing that no one is ever truly alone.